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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in Katy ISD.

Katy Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Katy, TX
February 8, 2020

Mayde Creek has always been home to me. I attended Bear Creek Elementary, Mayde Creek Junior High, Cardiff Junior High, and Mayde Creek High School. All of the teachers had such a huge impact on my life that I decided to be a teacher. I've been blessed to be able to teach at the school I attended. Coming full circle in the school has given me an amazing opportunity to give back to the community that gave so much to me. 

Donating to the Katy ISD Grant Foundation can give so much to help students grow to be life long learners. I encourage you to donate any amount you can and inspire future generations for a life time. Big or small it can make a difference for all

Donations2Date: $568

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Kathryn Brannan $110.00 2/4/2020
Brittney Schindler $50.00 1/5/2020
Maryanne Deforke $50.00 12/12/2019
Chrissy Garcia $60.00 12/3/2019
Cayla Chaudron $15.00 12/3/2019
Emma Dougherty $50.00 12/3/2019
Amy Dougherty $52.50 12/2/2019 X
Regina Smith $100.00 11/24/2019
Sigifredo García $50.00 11/20/2019
Anonymous Donor $20.00 11/20/2019
Shelby Berger $10.00 11/19/2019
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