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IBC Network Foundation

The purpose of The IBC Network Foundation is simple:

  •  To fund research regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
  •  To provide an avenue to network proactive education to the general population as well as the medical community regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Hunt for Hope North Carolina
 400 E Woodcroft Parkway Durham, NC 27713
October 19, 2019

I am the daughter of Sharon Gardner she was a fighter of IBC from 2009-2013.  This organization is a wonderful way to inform the world of how important it is to STOP this horrible disease.  I am a healthcare team memeber in Eastern North Carolina and it is very important to reach out to our community and inform. Knowledge is powerful and we are trying to accomplish to help fund the research for this disease.  I hope that you will go to our web page and browes the information we have to share.    

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Ann Sanderson $100.00 10/22/2019
Caitlin Wingate $25.00 10/18/2019
Amie Worley $25.00 10/18/2019
Sarah Jones $27.50 10/17/2019
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