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Together in Hope

Together in Hope envisions a world where children don't go hungry, where children can go to school, where parents can afford to give their children a future and where children don't die of curable illnesses. Together in Hope believes that if we all work together, together in hope that we can make this world a reality and give those living in poverty a future with hope.

Together in Hope works with some of the world's poorest communities living in the Philippines, El Salvador and Ethiopia who have been forgotten by international development organizations. We work with these communities to help them break the cycle of poverty and give them a future with hope.

The Woodlands Marathon, Half, 5K and 2K
 The Woodlands, TX
February 27 - 28, 2015
Thank you for supporting me

Donations2Date: $14,740

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
The Woodlands Marathon Management $2,000.00* 3/13/2015 Congratulations and thank you for participating in The Woodlands Marathon Charity Challenge.
Derrick Mitchell $50.00 2/27/2015 Good luck!
Daniel Snare $25.00 2/27/2015 Thank you for all you do for others. It is an honor to support you. Blessings, Dan
Tina Paez $50.00 2/27/2015 Run Diane run! Will be praying for you and this great cause! - Tina
Lani Rousseau $100.00 2/27/2015 Run, Diane, run! Glad to help in a small way and be a part of your amazing efforts to change lives and be hope for God's children!
Sophia Smith $50.00 2/27/2015 May God bless you on the work He calls you to serve
Greg Mariano $100.00* 2/27/2015 Thank you Greg and family for your ongoing support of the work in the Philippines
Ofelia Magapugay $600.00* 2/27/2015
Doris Deleon $125.00 2/26/2015 Go team!
Beth Tatum $200.00 2/26/2015 God bless all the runners! So proud of you and the ministry of TiH. Joy & Justice.
Bellaire UMC $700.00* 2/25/2015
Denise Hunewill $200.00 2/24/2015 Good Luck, Diane! Hunewill Guest Ranch
Travis Crabtree $300.00 2/22/2015 Good Luck
Gary Anderson $300.00* 2/17/2015 Thank you on behalf of the youth!
Philip del Rosario $50.00* 2/17/2015 Thank you on behalf of the BUMC youth
Bill and Nataly Lamont $300.00* 2/11/2015 Thank you!
Phebe Chen $100.00 2/10/2015 We wish you the best on race day and continued success for Together in Hope! Mark and Phebe
Marc N. Philips $300.00* 2/10/2015 thank you on behalf of the BUMC youth
Mary Louise Hooper $300.00* 2/10/2015 thank you on behalf of the Bellaire UMC youth!
Gene Graham $250.00 2/8/2015
Jean and Bo, Brackendorff $1,000.00 2/2/2015 Good luck to Diane and team!!!
Richard Shell $300.00* 2/2/2015 thank you on behalf of the BUMC youth!
Roland Oberlin $300.00* 2/2/2015 Thank you on behalf of Bennen and the BUMC youth
Felinda and Ricky Villa $900.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Donna Phillips $300.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Roy House $300.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Mildred Schmidt $300.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Leon and Dorothy Ulrich $300.00* 2/1/2015
Shirley Lloyd $100.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Virginia Jones $25.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Fay Peters $20.00* 2/1/2015 Thank you!
Roberta Beckman $2,000.00* 1/29/2015 Thank you!
Susan Zinni $600.00* 1/26/2015 Bellaire UMC
Steve Smith $300.00* 1/25/2015 Bellaire UMC
David Martin $300.00* 1/24/2015 Bellaire UMC
Deborah Sharp $300.00* 1/24/2015 Bellaire UMC
Bellaire UMC $795.00* 12/29/2014 Thank you
Karen Juul-Nielsen $500.00 12/2/2014 You are all in my prayers for a safe and enjoyable run. God bless you and keep you in His Awesome Care!
* offline donation