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Together in Hope

Together in Hope envisions a world where children don't go hungry, where children can go to school, where parents can afford to give their children a future and where children don't die of curable illnesses. Together in Hope believes that if we all work together, together in hope that we can make this world a reality and give those living in poverty a future with hope.

Together in Hope works with some of the world's poorest communities living in the Philippines, El Salvador and Ethiopia who have been forgotten by international development organizations. We work with these communities to help them break the cycle of poverty and give them a future with hope.

The Woodlands Marathon, Half, 5K and 2K
March 1 - 2, 2013
 The Woodlands, TX

In July 2010, I ran my first half marathon with the help and encouragement of my son, Danny Feiler.  At the time, a 13 mile half marathon seemed impossible.  But working together with God’s help - taking one step forward at a time and never giving up – we did the impossible. Danny ran beside me every step of the way and wouldn’t let me give up. After months of training and perseverance, we crossed the finish line together.  

Children in the Alta Miraflores squatter community of San Salvador, El Salvador, live in devastating poverty.  The hope of education, nutrition, health, and a future of sufficiency rather than mere day-to- day survival, feels like an impossible hope.  Together in Hope was founded on the belief that if we and others with like minds and hearts, worked together in hope, we could make the impossible possible.  Our goal is to build a community center that will include a larger school for more children, a medical and dental clinic, and job training.  We have found land within the community that is ideally located for this center.  On March 2, 2013, I am again seeking to do the impossible not only by seeking to run a full marathon, but also by seeking to raise $50,000 – half will be used to buy the land for the community center and half will support our full-time Salvadoran community social worker, Edwin Reyes, who grew up in the community and is committed to helping the members of this community move out of poverty into a more hopeful future.  Danny, my son, is running with me.  He has worked in Alta Miraflores with these precious children and families.  Danny wants them to have the same chances for a future that he has.  Danny and I need your help.  Every contribution helps and is fully tax- deductible. Please give generously so that together in hope, we can do the impossible.  We can change the world: one child, one family, one community at a time.  Let’s start in Alta Miraflores with this race!

Watch our video to see our work in El Salvador, and the difference your donation is making: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6vaBwRSWs8&feature=youtu.be

Donations2Date: $17,035

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
The Woodlands, Marathon Management $3,000.00* 3/2/2013
Beth Tatum $300.00 3/1/2013 Continuing to be amazed at the pow of our God through your devotion! May you know the grace of the spirit propelling your every step forward! Love you, my sister.
Benjamin Feiler $135.00* 3/1/2013 Go Mom! This is from all three of us - Ben, Danny, Jonathan. We love you!
Heidi Pinyerd $40.00 2/28/2013 Good luck, Diane! Wishing you an amazing race :)
Nancy Hinshaw $25.00 2/26/2013 You are amazing! Thanks for giving the rest of us the opportunity to work with you.
Joseph Whitaker, Jr $30.00 2/26/2013
Shirley Broome $20.00 2/26/2013
Paula Arnold $100.00 2/25/2013 You go girl!
Peter Barbara $100.00* 2/25/2013 Thiswas sent in honor of Hilary Killian's half marathon but I can't access her account to credit it to hers so I am recording it for the team on mine
Hartley , Hampton $250.00 2/24/2013
alan vanhooser $20.00 2/22/2013
Philip DelRosario $20.00 2/20/2013
Kimberly Orr $20.00 2/20/2013 GO, DIANE!
Nida Gonda $100.00* 2/20/2013 Thank you my dear friend!!!!
Gregorio Mariano $50.00 2/19/2013 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Greg Mariano, Jr.
Grant Harvey $1,000.00 2/19/2013
Beth Jones $100.00 2/19/2013
James Flagg $100.00 2/19/2013
Karen Juul-NIelsen $100.00 2/18/2013 You're both in my prayers for safety and joy!
Ken & Leslye, Huebsch $50.00 2/18/2013 Run, Forrest, Run!
Diana Holbert $50.00 2/18/2013 Go, Diane, go!
David Luther $100.00 2/18/2013 Good Luck Diane. Just keep in mind it is all down hill
Rev. Gail Smith $100.00* 2/15/2013 Thanks Gail and Ted - you guys are the best!
Mireya Ottaviano $100.00 2/5/2013 Philipians 4:13
Felinda Villa $250.00* 2/5/2013 Thank you Felinda and family. You have always been there to support me. Thanks for supporting the children of El Salvador too!
Darlene Plumly $100.00 2/1/2013 Praying you reach your goal and run a fabulous race!!
Shirley Lloyd $25.00 1/23/2013
C Turley $300.00* 12/25/2012 This is Danny's grandmother - she does not get email
Anonymous Donor $50.00 12/24/2012
Rebecca Paige, Martin $100.00 12/19/2012 This donation is in honor of Diane McGehee and Shirley Broome...the two best co-workers ever! Thanks for making my move to Houston so easy...I'll miss you both and all the craziness!
Thomas Smith $100.00 12/12/2012
S Smith $10,000.00* 12/2/2012 He does not want his name posted and TIH has already sent a tax receipt so no letter is needed. I therefore put in my information - I have a copy of the check.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 10/31/2012 Way to go guys! So proud of you both!!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 10/27/2012 Go Danny and Diane - we are cheering for you and for the children of Alta Miraflores El Salvador!
* offline donation