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Together in Hope

Together in Hope envisions a world where children don't go hungry, where children can go to school, where parents can afford to give their children a future and where children don't die of curable illnesses. Together in Hope believes that if we all work together, together in hope that we can make this world a reality and give those living in poverty a future with hope.

Together in Hope works with some of the world's poorest communities living in the Philippines, El Salvador and Ethiopia who have been forgotten by international development organizations. We work with these communities to help them break the cycle of poverty and give them a future with hope.

Run Houston! Sam Houston Race Park 10K, 5K, 1K
 Houston, TX
January 1, 2020

I am running to support the work of Together in Hope in the Philippines.  Together in Hope builds and supports preschools in squatter communities in the Philippines and offers livelihood development training for parents and older siblings.  All funds received by Together in Hope from this race will go to the program.  We have a generous matching donor for up to $10,000.  Will you help me match that donation.  Every dollar helps change lives.  Working together in hope, we can change the world - one life, cone community at a time.  

Donations2Date: $12,225

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Run Houston Race Series $500.00* 1/10/2020 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Run Houston! For A Cause program.
Patricia Andrews $50.00 1/1/2020
Beth Jones $55.00 1/1/2020 You go, girl!
Anonymous Donor $215.00 1/1/2020
Jim Carter $100.00 12/30/2019
Anonymous Donor $10,000.00* 12/9/2019
Dennis Beckman $1,000.00 12/3/2019
Ken Gregg $100.00 12/3/2019 Are you running or on horseback? :)
William D Hanks $105.00 12/1/2019
Anonymous Donor $100.00 11/30/2019
* offline donation