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Together in Hope

Together in Hope envisions a world where children don't go hungry, where children can go to school, where parents can afford to give their children a future and where children don't die of curable illnesses. Together in Hope believes that if we all work together, together in hope that we can make this world a reality and give those living in poverty a future with hope.

Together in Hope works with some of the world's poorest communities living in the Philippines, El Salvador and Ethiopia who have been forgotten by international development organizations. We work with these communities to help them break the cycle of poverty and give them a future with hope.

Kona Marathon
 Big Island, Hawaii
June 26, 2016

In celebration of my 60th birthday in July of this year, I am going to spend the year running a series of marathons, half marathons and 10K's, starting with the Kona Marathon on June 26th,  for the purpose of accomplishing two goals:

1. Get myself back in shape. (When I started this effort, I couldn't run more 3 miles without huffing and puffing.)  


2. Raise enough money to make a serious dent in the fight against human trafficking.  I run free.  I run healthy.  But, there are millions of girls (and boys) who are trapped in sex and labor trafficking nightmares who will never run free if we don't do something.  My goal for this year from all of the races is $600,000. If 10, 000 people give $60 each (something we all can do) then we will reach that goal.  But I can't do it without you.  

Six hundred thousand dollars is an audacious goal, but it is not an impossible one - not if we all do what we can.  A few weeks ago, my children took me to see Kung Fu Panda 3 - a great children's movie, with a great message: if we all do what we can and do it together (in hope), we can overcome the most heinous evil. Yes - even the evil of human trafficking.   You can run with me for their freedom by donating.  (Who knows maybe we might even be able to get Jack Black to help us if he hears about this.)

Here is what I am asking: that each of you give $60 in honor of my 60th birthday and then ask all of your friends on facebook and your email lists and on instagram or wherever, to do the same. If you or they can give more than $60, then give a multiple of $60: $120, $180 or even $6000.  If we get 10,000 people to give $60 each, we will raise $600,000 - wouldn't that be awesome?!  We can do this, if we all work Together in Hope.  (Together in Hope is a 501(c )3 public charity - you can check us out at www.togetherinhope.org) 

I am not getting a penny of it. and your contributions are tax-deductible.  Here is where it will go - to help local victims, to help international victims, and to work for tougher laws against those who traffick human beings.  Together in Hope will distribute the money three ways:

  • 1/3 to Agape International Missions (AIM) in Cambodia,  (fighting human trafficking on the international front) agapewebsite.org
  • 1/3 to YMCA International (rescuing victims in the U.S.) https://www.ymcahouston.org/ymca-international/programs/
  • 1/3 to Children At Risk (working for tougher laws to fight trafficking and to help victims) www.childrenatrisk.org

Donations2Date: $21,993

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Jillian Robinson $60.00 3/15/2016 Important cause, wonderful, worthy woman to support. Happy birthday, Diane!
Susan Yang $60.00 3/15/2016 Go, Diane!! I'm proud to support you and this worthy cause.
Janet Deleon $60.00 3/15/2016 Thanks for all you do for others!
Derrick Mitchell $60.00 3/15/2016
Mary Balagia $1,060.00 3/13/2016 Way to go Woman! Praying for strength, endurance and success in your effort!
Carrie Potter $60.00 3/10/2016
Pam Sailors $60.00 3/10/2016 After our trip to Cambodia this truly resonates. "You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know." Good luck, Diane!
Tim Skaggs $100.00* 3/10/2016
Mary Harlan $60.00 3/9/2016 A great goal for a much needed purpose. Go for it!
Sophia Smith $60.00 3/8/2016 God bless you, Diane, on all your work!
Jonathan Feiler $60.00* 3/8/2016 We believe in you Mom
Daniel Feiler $60.00* 3/8/2016 You can do it Mom!
Benjamin Feiler $60.00* 3/8/2016 Go Mom!
* offline donation