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Cherish Our Children Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Team COCI. Team COCI is an easy way for you to get involved and make a difference for the children we serve. Pick one of our events below and click the JOIN TEAM button to set up a fundraising campaign to spread awareness and raise funds for our programs. Walkers are welcome.

It’s not just about you raising funds we want you to let the kids support you to your finish line. When you create your campaign story include a personal goal with your community along with why you are making a difference with COCI. You might be out to win your age group, set a PR, or it might be just crossing the finish line. When you share your goals your community holds you accountable.

It’s fun! If your event is not listed below let us know and we will add it.

You don’t have to run, bike, or tri. Just let us know what you want to do and we will provide you with a page. Be as creative as you can be. Bowling, Lemonade Stand, Golfing, Wedding Registry, are just a few ideas.

Thanks for supporting COCI in making a difference.         

Ironman Texas
May 19, 2012
 The Woodlands, TX

Thank you for visiting my 2012 IMTX - COCI fundraising page!

Our children are our future! The children of the world are the future of the world. Unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to live life to the fullest as every child was born to do.

Cherish Our Children International (COCI) is a non-profit organization established to sponsor and implement model programs that benefit thousands of children around the world. The goal of COCI is to develop and fund projects and programs that provide a brighter future for the world's most vulnerable children. They stand for a world in which each child has the opportunity to live life fully and to make their own unique contribution.

COCI and I believe that all children should be protected and nurtured. We believe in providing children with a solid foundation for healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional development. We value enriching experiences that teach critical life skills and lead to independence. We also value young people who are leaders in their own communities, and are committed to helping them reach their full potential. We believe in children helping other children and honor adults who embrace and empower young people to reach beyond their current experience and realize their dreams.

These beliefs that COCI and I share have given me reason to race. Oh yes, I race for other reasons too, but none are more important than my (our) belief that our children of the world deserve to dream and actually have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Please support COCI by supporting me if you believe that children are our future and that by committing to help them reach their full potential only helps all our futures look brighter.

On May 19, 2012 I will be racing in my first ever full Ironman triathlon race, Ironman Texas. The race is a 2.4 mile swim in Lake Woodlands, followed by a 112 mile bike ride that will take me west through the scenic, rolling farmland of east Texas, and I will finish with a hot and grueling 26.2 mile run through The Woodlands that concludes with a spectacular finish on Market Street. All my sweat and pain that I will endure training for and during this race will be worth every dollar that you donate!  Your donation will motivate me even more to not only complete this 140.3 mile race, which will take me longer than your average work day, but it will motivate me to conquer what is considered world wide to be the ultimate test of human endurance.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thank you for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think believes our children are our future and might want to donate too!

Dean Bradley

Donations2Date: $1,056

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Angelica Robles $50.00* 6/14/2012 Dean Bradley IMTX 2012
Darren Upp $25.00 5/21/2012
MARE SCHABERG $175.00 5/18/2012 You will rock this, babe!! I'll be waiting for you at the finish line!!
Joanna Wilder $20.00 5/18/2012 Go get'm Dean, you can do it!!!
Duc Ho $50.00 5/17/2012 You are an Iron Man who likes men!
Lee Neathery $50.00 5/17/2012 Go Crush it Dean!!!
MICHAEL HEASLET $50.00 5/16/2012 i will be thinking of you on Saturday
dinh pham $25.00 5/16/2012 Go Twin Dean
Barbara Cullison $20.00 5/16/2012 Piece of cake! Have fun.
Linda Eppolito $140.60 5/16/2012 Bedford says Thank you...And run like you just took a poop!
Jeff & Alicia Roy $50.00 5/14/2012 STRETCH! You're almost there!
Dena Adrian and David Evans $25.00 5/14/2012 Good Luck Bub! Be careful.
Domenick Capo $25.00 5/14/2012 Good Luck!
Blake Boagrd $50.00 5/14/2012 Good Luck!!!
Mark Werner $50.00 5/14/2012 You can do it!
Kathryn Bonorden $50.00 5/14/2012 Good luck Dean! I'll be thinking about you!
Donna Cook $50.00 5/14/2012 God Speed Bradley!
Kellam Radford $35.00 5/13/2012 Best of luck.
Douglas Stephenson $50.00 5/13/2012 Great goal and good luck
Christopher Grollnek $25.00 5/13/2012 God's Speed Brother and Semper Fi
Dean Bradley $40.00 3/13/2012 You got this! :)
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