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Fory Charitable Trust d/b/a Russian Orphan Care

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of Russian orphans in obedience to our faith.  James 1:27

Vision Statement

Improve the lives of orphans and at-risk children in Russia through:

  • Ministering to children who have been orphaned or are at risk of being orphaned.
  • Recognizing and responding to the Lord's special interest and love for orphans.
  • Equipping individuals to work with orphans through trips to Russia, volunteering, and giving opportunities.
  • Improving the quality of children’s lives by providing humanitarian aid and support for programs and building improvements.
  • Providing transitional housing and programs that help orphan graduates transition to independence.
  • Fostering programs that care for the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of orphans.
Cypress Half Marathon, 5K, 1K
 Anywhere you are
November 15, 2020

On November 15, I will be participating in the Cypress Half Marathon, 5K,1K.  I am participating in this event to raise awareness and funds for Fory Charitable Trust d/b/a Russian Orphan Care.

I began working with Russian orphans in 2008 as an individual and have served as an Advisory Board Members since 2019.  Thousands of orphans during these years have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual benefits through the work of FCT.

I invite you to sponsor me for this event.  Even better, join our team and invite your friends to join us in raising funds for the orphans.  Funds raised in this event will go to provide Christmas for 300± orphans and needy children, meet humanitarian needs, continue our art therapy program for special needs orphans, and cover administrative costs in Russia.    

Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause.  Your support will make such a difference in the lives of the orphans.  Any amount would be great:  $50, $100, or other.

Donations2Date: $5,672

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Mesa Hodson $25.00 12/15/2020 Hope you did well in the race!
Keith Gurule $25.00 11/15/2020 Congrats Daniel!
Sara Willis $25.00 11/15/2020
Sue Marshall $400.00 11/15/2020 Way to go Daniel! You've done a great job!
Anonymous Donor $82.50 11/13/2020
Phil Yates $25.00 11/12/2020
Anonymous Donor $200.00 11/10/2020
Lisa Mathews $1,000.00 11/10/2020 On behalf of Genox Transportation
Gary Purcell $50.00 11/9/2020
Randy Tumbarello $100.00 11/9/2020
Steve Huzar $500.00 11/8/2020
S Gupta $20.00 11/7/2020
Janette Marx $100.00 11/5/2020 Good luck!!! Enjoy the run!
Susan Jagan $25.00 11/3/2020
China Harper $25.00 11/2/2020
Anonymous Donor $25.00 11/2/2020
W. Mark Shirley $100.00 11/2/2020
John Hammond $100.00 11/2/2020
Antwon Hardwick $50.00 11/2/2020
Julie Pitre $55.00 10/31/2020
Douglas Leyendecker $200.00 10/30/2020 Would like to learn more!
Jessica Nguyen $50.00 10/30/2020
Jordan Riddick $52.50 10/30/2020
Benjamin Stanton $25.00 10/30/2020
Brian Coffman $50.00 10/30/2020 Good luck mate!
Elaine Loper $50.00 10/30/2020
Annette Pessagno $100.00 10/30/2020 Good luck!
Renee Haines $50.00 10/30/2020 Good luck Daniel!!!
James Dymott $100.00 10/29/2020 Good luck
Shawn Mitchell $44.00 10/29/2020
Jen Zisman $100.00 10/29/2020
Mark Fehrs Haukohl $500.00 10/28/2020 You get double if you win the race!
George Elam $25.00 10/28/2020
Christine Pearson $200.00 10/28/2020
Anonymous Donor $55.00 10/28/2020
Brian Starr $110.00 10/28/2020
Rob Pesch $115.00 10/27/2020
Joel Charron $100.00 10/27/2020
Alexander Chua $50.00 10/26/2020
Alan Ellahham $52.50 10/26/2020
Jacqueline Ronning $50.00 10/26/2020 Sounds like a great cause!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/26/2020
Keith Jacobson $150.00 10/26/2020
Anthony Bilden $25.00 10/26/2020
Anonymous Donor $220.00 10/26/2020
John Greene $110.00 10/25/2020 What a great cause! Hands and feet!!! Well, just feet this time!
Ryan Chapman $105.00 10/25/2020 Hope this help, Daniel!
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