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The Montrose Center

Established in 1978 as a safe and affirming place for lesbian and gay Houstonians to receive counseling, the Montrose Center has emerged as one of the nation’s leading full-service LGBTQ centers. Although counseling remains at the heart of what we do, services have expanded to meet the changing needs of our diverse community. These services include substance abuse treatment, support and advocacy for LGBTQ survivors of violent crimes, care and assistance for people with HIV/AIDS, free community wellness programs and activities, and programs for our community’s most vulnerable and isolated—youth and seniors. We sit at the center of the LGBTQ community and serve as a gathering place for LGBTQ organizations and groups.

Hurricane Harvey LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund
 Houston, Texas
August 27, 2017 - March 31, 2018

The catastrophic and historic impact of Hurricane Harvey will be felt by the LGBTQ community of Houston Texas for days, months, and potentially years to come. Help our LGBTQ community members displaced by the storm today by giving to the LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund, managed by the Montrose Center – Houston’s LGBTQ counseling and community center serving Houston for 39 years.

With more than 35,000 clients in core programs we are already learning of staff and community members who have lost everything. 

The LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund will be used to help individuals and families begin to rebuild their lives through counseling, case management, direct assistance with shelf stable food, furniture, housing and more. The Center’s dedicated case management team is on call to help homeless youth, seniors, people living with HIV, hate crime survivors, and those devastated by the storm. 

For volunteer opportunities please visit:

While the Montrose Center will focus primarily on empowering the LGBTQ community to rebuild after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, we serve all people in need regardless of their sexuality.

*Please note: Offline donations in the form of checks or money orders may be sent to 401 Branard Street, 2nd Floor - Houston, Texas 77006. Please include a note that lets us know your gift supports the Hurricane Harvey LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund and make all checks payable to the Montrose Center. 

We send our thanks to foundations that have already supported our fund:

AARP Foundation

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

The Campbell Foundation

Comcast NBCUniversal

Foundation Beyond Belief

The Happy Hippie Foundation

The Hollyfield Foundation

Texas Pride Impact Fund

Texas United Charities 

Stonewall Community Foundation

Montrose Counseling Center, Inc., dba the Montrose Center, is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. EIN# 74-2050245. No goods or services will be received in exchange for donations made to this page and it is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Were you impacted by the devastating results of Hurricane Harvey?

On behalf of the Montrose Center staff and LGBTQ communities around the nation, we want you to know that your personal loss is extremely meaningful and important to us and many others –  and that is what makes this a community.

You can request services or resources from our dedicated case management and counseling staff here.


Donations2Date: $1,230,863

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Anonymous Donor $100.00 1/4/2022
Bennyroyce Royon $520.00 9/18/2018 Please use these funds for Hurricane Harvey LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund 2017. Thank you.
Claudia Brown $200.00 5/24/2018 On behalf of the Houston Gunners Women's Hockey Team for Hurricane Harvey relief.
Camp Rehoboth Community Center $1,757.50* 3/7/2018
Anonymous Donor $27.60* 2/22/2018
Texas Council on Family Violence Verizon Grant $3,846.20* 2/15/2018
California Pizza Kitchen Houston Locations $50.65* 2/8/2018
Sun Valley High School Gay Straight Alliance c/o Elizabeth Seravallo $120.00* 2/5/2018
fernando melo $5.00 1/28/2018
Rose Diltz $5.00 1/24/2018
Laura Garcia $700.00 1/5/2018 Highland Lounge| Austin, TX- Bartender Fundraiser, spearheaded by Garrett Reist for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in our LGBTQ community in Houston.
Jason Nelson $200.00 12/31/2017 Our company, Legendary Games, employs a diverse staff of freelancers and created a special charity bundle to support people harmed by the disasters in the Houston area. We are glad for the chance to support gender-diverse youth and hope we can in some small way help the people in the area to put their lives and communities back on track!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/31/2017
Harold Escobar $12.00 12/31/2017 To Harvey’s victims
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/30/2017
Anonymous Donor $1,000.00 12/30/2017
HOWARD BREITBART $500.00 12/29/2017
Emily Stewart $25.00 12/29/2017
TeeSpring LLC $3.57* 12/29/2017
Oppenheimer Funds Legacy Account $50.00* 12/28/2017
Anonymous Donor $50.00 12/24/2017
Vadim Akhmadikin $143.00 12/24/2017 On behalf of PastelNinelle Etsy shop From Nelly Akhmadikina
Lauri Hitchcock $55.00 12/24/2017
Anonymous Donor $50.00 12/22/2017
Texas Pride Impact Fund via The Dallas Foundation $11,000.00* 12/20/2017
Twin Cities Pride Minneapolis $500.00* 12/20/2017
Anonymous Donor $52.50 12/19/2017 In honor of Elliott SoRelle
Anonymous Donor $250.00 12/17/2017
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/16/2017
Sarah McCaig $50.00 12/15/2017 A donation on behalf of the Lularoe 614 Multi-Consultant Sales Group.
Darrel Ramsey-Musolf $25.00* 12/15/2017
JWR ROWE ENTERPRISES INC $250.00 12/14/2017
Michael Hess $100.00 12/14/2017 Donation made from Gotham Volleyball League in NYC on behalf of Industry Bar.
Anonymous Donor $1,025.00* 12/12/2017
Global Giving c/o Britt Lake $50,000.00* 12/7/2017
Hadeis Safi $110.00 12/6/2017
Alec Weege $20.00 12/5/2017
Alexander Gellman $11,000.00* 12/5/2017
Beverly Bennett $500.00* 12/5/2017
Laurie McLean $20.00* 12/5/2017
Connectrac (Strong Products Group Ltd.) $55.00* 12/4/2017
Stonewall Bocce c/o Brian Lombardo $1,000.00* 11/30/2017
Hillcrest Brewing Co. San Diego $223.00* 11/30/2017
Anonymous Donor $103.00 11/28/2017 This donation is in honor of L Bruce Lewellyn of 6107 Kuldell Dr, Houston, who helped my elderly mother to safety during Harvey. Bruce continues to struggle to get his flooded home clear of debris and mold. I hope you are able to help him and others like him who are no match for the overwhelming effects of the storm.
Dignity Philadelphia c/o Kevin Davies $278.00* 11/28/2017
Schulte Roth & Zabel, LLP Law Firm $5,308.00* 11/28/2017
Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program $500.00* 11/27/2017
Darrell Ramsey-Musolf $25.00* 11/27/2017
Gabrielle Horton $135.01 11/24/2017 The graduate public policy student organizations - Out in Public (OIP) and the Students of Color in Public Policy (SCPP) are proud to submit this final donation to The Montrose Center, as they help to support so many LGBTQIA residents affected by Hurricane Harvey.
Katherine Wenzel $10.00* 11/22/2017
Broadway United Church of Christ New York $253.00* 11/22/2017
Friends at Bullet Bar North Hollywood $2,650.00* 11/22/2017
Caleb & Elliott Equity One Podcast $11.00 11/21/2017 With love from the Equity One Podcast
LGBT Equality Alliance Chester County $250.00* 11/16/2017
Bryan Gray $150.00 11/15/2017 This donation is on behalf of the Chicago, IL chapter of Pride@KPMG
Gabrielle Horton $1,000.00 11/15/2017 The graduate students organizations Out in Public and Students of Color in Public Policy - at the University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy (Ann Arbor, MI) - are humbled to support the Montrose Center and Houston's LGBTQ population heal and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
Anonymous Donor $360,000.00* 11/15/2017
C-in2 Clothing c/o Jorge Baron Munoz $245.00* 11/10/2017
TeeSpring LLC $0.26* 11/10/2017
Anonymous Donor $450.00 11/9/2017
Elizabeth Harris $25.00* 11/8/2017
Grand Ducal Council of SF c/o David La Fever $350.00* 11/7/2017
Cynthia Wallace $100.00* 11/7/2017
Rachel Madorsky $155.00 11/3/2017 With Love & Care from ColdTowne Theater + Coaching Therapist Institute in Austin,TX. xo
Ian Archer $265.00 11/3/2017 Listing is Shiloh and Iain Archer Campos
Tyson Olcott $263.50 11/2/2017
Anonymous Donor $36.42 11/2/2017
Kim Ho $50.00 11/1/2017
Tyson Olcott $522.00 11/1/2017 Queerlinkers, an employee resource group at Clearlink hosted a bake sale at their headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT to help support the victims of the hurricane.
Dignity San Antonio c/o Treasurer $300.00* 11/1/2017
Intersectional Feminist Alliance at University of Texas at Dallas $152.00* 11/1/2017
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates $100.00* 11/1/2017
TeeSpring LLC $9.14* 11/1/2017
Nicholas Roessler $309.10 10/30/2017 Donating on behalf of The Eye of The Storm Hurricane Relief Fundraising Event
Jasmin Vangas $15.00 10/27/2017
Imperial Court of San Francisco c/o Emperor Nic Hunter & Empress Mercedez Munro $3,452.67* 10/26/2017
Happy Hippies Foundation $50,000.00* 10/26/2017
Anonymous Donor $105.00 10/25/2017
Atlassian Inc $55.00 10/24/2017
Friends of Yarmouth Council on Aging c/o Raymond Petruccelli $835.50* 10/24/2017
Kathryn Martin $100.00* 10/24/2017
Matthew Young $10.00 10/22/2017
Anonymous Donor $226.00 10/22/2017 This donation is on behalf of Dignity Chicago.
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/21/2017
Katherine Pruitt $260.00 10/21/2017 Hey there, My name is Katie Pruitt, artist/singer/songwriter from Nashville. Last night we had a bennifit show with an all gay artist bill and donated our proceeds to your cause. Our hearts go out to you while you are rebuilding your lives and your city. We hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything else I can do.
Robert Hankinson $163.00 10/21/2017 From Kweendom comedy show in Brooklyn, NY
ISQCCBE c/o Keith Roberts $669.75* 10/20/2017
David Carter $50.00 10/19/2017
Charles Armstrong Investments c/o Jose Apodaca $2,500.00* 10/19/2017
Dignity Boston c/o Erina Spiegelman $457.00* 10/19/2017
AARP Foundation c/o Amber Talburt $35,000.00* 10/18/2017
Cynthia Sepulveda $40.00 10/17/2017
Stonewall Sports, Inc. $500.00 10/17/2017
Moremi Vassall $5.00 10/17/2017
Rajesh Murali $50.00 10/16/2017
Diane Phelan $25.00 10/15/2017
Anonymous Donor $15.00 10/15/2017
Lone Star Volleyball Association Inc. $6,226.00* 10/15/2017
Rachael Fish $100.00 10/14/2017
Victor Lopez $90.00 10/13/2017
* offline donation