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United Cerebral Palsy of Greater New Orleans

UCP Greater New Orleans connects people with disabilities to the opportunities and resources needed to live productive and independent lives.

Run Houston! Sugar Land 10K, 5K, 1K
December 7, 2019
 Run Houston! Sugar Land 10K, 5K, 1K

My name is Courtney Richardson and I believe that God has placed me here to fulfill a purpose of helping others in need! I moved to Houston about 5 years ago to begin my career as a healthcare professional. I currently work at Baylor College of Medicine in Human Resources managing communications for health and welfare and retirement benefits plans. I am also an active team member of our award-winning wellness program, BCM BeWell. I am a New Orleans native with a passion for food, but realized in 2012 that I needed to take charge of my health. In 2019, I decided to use my passion for food to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle by offering healthy meal prep options in Houston and New Orleans.  

I come from a backgroud of many health issues and decided that I would become more health conscious to make sure I did not experience some of the same issues many of my family members have. My mother passed away in 2014 due to unforeseen health issues and I have made a commitment to help educate others about their health and well-being.

My reason for running this race is because of my best friend's daughter, Kennedy. Kennedy was born 4 months early along with her twin Morgan. Morgan passed away shortly after birth and doctors diagnosed Kennedy with Cerebral Palsy and was sure that she would not make it. She has persevered through numerous heart, brain and other surgeries and is so bright! My best friend is an ER nurse in New Orleans and it is very difficult for her to find assistance with Kennedy’s medical needs because of her “income”. My goal is to help raise awareness for those in the area that may face similar adversities. This year, we are proud to celebrate Kennedy beginning the school year as a 6th grader and it is an honor to run on behalf of her!

Join me in making a difference for United Cerebral Palsy of Greater New Orleans, won’t you?

I ask that you click the SPONSOR ME button on this page and provide kids like Kennedy the support they deserve. Contribute what you wish. Any amount will make a difference: $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or other.

Thank you for your support. It means more to me than I can express.


Donations2Date: $1,345

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Run Houston Race Series $300.00* 12/18/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Run Houston! For A Cause program.
Tiffany Broussard $20.00 12/8/2019
Felicia McKnight $20.00 12/6/2019 Good luck Courtney!
Robin Vickers $300.00 12/6/2019 Proud of you Courtney! Good luck and love you!
Keithchell Taylor $20.00 12/5/2019
Fred Banks $10.00 12/5/2019
Monica G Williams $100.00 12/5/2019 You've got this Court...I'm with you in spirit.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/5/2019
Ryan Chretien $25.00 12/5/2019
Constance Ejismekwu $30.00 12/5/2019
Lakeisha Thurman $50.00 12/5/2019 Let’s go friend, so happy I’m able to support you for such an amazing cause!
Brea Ogunyemi $50.00 12/4/2019
Rickie Reeves $10.00 12/4/2019
Anonymous Donor $20.00 12/4/2019
Anonymous Donor $20.00 12/3/2019
Michelle Ogunyemi $100.00 12/3/2019 Love you girl! Thank you for always supporting my baby!
Wendy Stewart $50.00 11/22/2019
Michael Smith $100.00 11/15/2019
Monique Jones $10.00 10/11/2019
Anonymous Donor $10.00 9/5/2019 Go Courtney!
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