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Lung Cancer Foundation For Young Women

The Mission of the Lung Cancer Foundation for Young Women is to be a voice of advocacy through the promotion of public Awareness and Education about Lung Cancer, the facts, Suspected causes and the benefits of Early Detection.  Specifically, provide direct Logistical Assistance to improve the quality of life for these women during their Fight For Life.  View the video to find out more about the foundation


Wicked Wine Run
 Silverwood Country Retreat, Waller Texas
May 21, 2016

I am running the 5K and 1K at the Wicked Wine Race to support the Lung Cancer Foundation For Young Women.  This foundation was my daughter, Nicole's dream, and we are making that dream come true each day when we help another young woman that is battling lung cancer.  Please donate to  this foundation, so we can keep helping more young women and their families that are fighting lung cancer.  I miss Nicole so much and one way I can honor her memory is participating in the foundation's fundraising events.  Help me honor her memory by donating today!

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