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Shared Beat

Our mission is to empower children and their families through health and wellness care and education so they can achieve self-reliance and a positive future.

We believe that health influences children's success and that good health is more effectively achieved through family and community involvement.

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June 1 - July 31, 2020

Hi all, Karina has decided to enter into this fundraiser which is near and dear to our hearts. Shared beat has done some amazing things over the years and many of the physicans from GSEP volunteer their time to help many. I have known them amd worked side by side with them for many years and consider them family. Even if you only have 5 dollars consider donating.

Thank You,


Donations2Date: $670

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Anonymous Donor $75.00* 7/27/2020
Lindy Stork $45.00* 7/27/2020
Anonymous Donor $100.00* 7/25/2020
Pamela Dwyer $50.00 6/12/2020 Great job Karina!!! Keep up the good work!!
Angie Lemmons $200.00* 6/12/2020
Christine Peterson $50.00 6/11/2020 Thank you Karina!!
Marie Berkenkamp $25.00 6/11/2020 This looks delicious.
CYNTHIA INTILE $25.00 6/10/2020
Stephanie Krug $32.00 6/5/2020
Anonymous Donor $52.50 6/2/2020 Wishing you the best!
Yvonne Serrano $5.00 6/2/2020
Maricela Mireles $10.00 5/18/2020
* offline donation