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US Space and Rocket Center Education Foundation

The U.S. Space & Rocket Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization raising funds and awareness to support events, programs, facilities and overall growth of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp. Learn more about Space Camp here and about the Rocket Center here.

Kemah Triathlon Weekend Olympic, Sprint & Youth
October 20 - 21, 2018
 Kemah, TX

During the Kemah Triathlon, I will be attempting to raise $1,500.00 to send one child to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama for a week.

The main focus of the donation is to allow someone that can’t do the things some others can to be able to take part in a fun, exciting activity.  My personal connection to this donation is that last summer, I went to the Space Academy for the first time and I will never forget the experience!  I would really like someone else less fortunate to be able to be as excited as I was during a week of fun at Space Camp. 

During this unit of Space Camp, we learned about the International space station and the Russian space station Mir in a fun presentation called ‘Science on Orbit’.  Students are also given the chance to design, build, and launch your own working rocket!  After that, the museum, the Saturn V hall, and outdoor rides provide plenty of fun for hours.  Teams will also be allowed to watch movies and documentaries in a large, immersive IMAX dome theater.  Other activities include building heat shields, riding a gyrosphere, and simulating lunar gravity.  One of the most unforgettable experiences, however, is the missions!  Students in Space Camp and Academy will spend 1 hour in a simulated mission with special roles such as Commander, Flight director, and Pilot!  Students in the Advanced Academy will spend 3 hours on a mission, and Elite Camp will spend 8 hours on a mission.  The mission settings are incredible and realistic, perfectly simulating the ISS (International Space Station) and fictional lunar stations as well as incredible capsules.  Having commanded the Orion capsule in the Lunar mission, I can say how incredible it feels to don a headset and begin a ‘real’ mission. 

Please join me and donate today, help me help another student enjoy the thrills of Space Camp. 

Carson Padilla 

Donations2Date: $2,100

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bayou City Tri Series $300.00* 10/30/2018 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Bayou City Tri Giving Challenge.
Anonymous Donor $61.00 10/20/2018
Steven Bell $52.50 10/19/2018 Go get em kid!
Kevin McCarl $25.00 10/19/2018 Great job Carson1
Danielle Slikker $11.00 10/19/2018
Mike Whitlock $20.00 10/17/2018
Roger Hayes $100.00 10/12/2018
Robyn Huetter $20.00 10/9/2018 We are so impressed with you Carson!!!
Shannon Krebs $10.00 10/8/2018
James Camp $265.00 10/8/2018
Nikki Holster $50.00 10/8/2018
Lindsay Kappes $20.00 10/8/2018 Good luck!!!
Christina Palmer $10.00 10/8/2018 Good luck Carson!!!!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 10/7/2018
Bryan Stuck $100.00 10/6/2018
Anthony Esposito $50.00 10/6/2018 Shoot for the stars!
Anita Hausheer $100.00 10/1/2018 Great job, Carson! We are very proud of you as a Space Camp alumnus.
karen padilla $125.00 9/27/2018
Christine Fesuk $100.00 9/5/2018 So proud to be able to support my partner in giving. Go get ‘em, Carson! :)
James Camp $100.00 9/5/2018 I think every Accredited Agent should donate at least $100 and Carson can help several kids go to camp.
Rachel Ellis $25.00 9/4/2018 Go Carson!
Michelle MACIEL $100.00 9/4/2018 this is Awesome!
Deborah Farmer $100.00 9/4/2018 Great job buddy... Kevin and Deborah Farmer
Mike and Missy Ziemer $100.00 9/4/2018 Way to go Carson! We are very proud of you. We love you from The Phase 10 Champs
Kevin Walsh $25.00 9/4/2018
Jim Camp $100.00 9/4/2018 From Jim and Marci
Michael Padilla $110.00 9/4/2018
* offline donation