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Discover Fitness Foundation

Discover Fitness Foundation (DFF) awards athletic scholarships to children fighting obesity, children with special needs, and children with financial need wishing to participate in recreational and competitive level gymnastics. The DFF mission will be accomplished by generating and providing the funding, and acting as a liaison organization, linking scholarship candidates with a gymnastics facility near their home.

Monster Mash 15K, 10K, 5K
 Houston, Texas
October 27, 2012

Dear Friends,      

     All of you know me pretty well.  You know I support kids getting fit; I provide sports experience to thousands of children every week; I include programs for special needs children so they can be regular kids too; I support a handful competitive level athletes at the gym.  All this for the kids, yet I NEVER exercise myself anymore!  I used to participate in all kinds of sports, but the last few years I've really gotten away from my own fitness program.  

     Well, I truly need a Reason 2 Race!  My reason is to get back on an exercise program and get back in shape again.  How great that my personal reason to race will also benefit the scholarship fund that I started two years ago with the Discover Fitness Foundation.  I've chosen a 5K run, The Monster Mash, as my first step towards returning to a physically fit life.

     As I run this race, I will keep in mind my commitment to you and all the kids that will benefit from my participation as I cross the finish line!  Your entire gift will go directly to the scholarship fund for the kids, and I will finally have some accountability for my own fitness goals.

     I appreciate any contribution you can make toward my goal of $5000.  It is a big goal, personally and financially, so I'm counting on all of you!  Thank you in advance for you support.

All my best,



Donations2Date: $1,100

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
On Ur mark $25.00* 11/7/2012
Carolyn Markesich $100.00* 11/7/2012
Lynda Keene $200.00* 10/29/2012
On Ur mark $25.00* 10/27/2012
Kelly Mathews $100.00 10/26/2012 Good luck!
Rebecca Robbins $50.00 10/25/2012 Run, Carly, run!
Denise Hazen $50.00 10/25/2012 You rock!!!!
Rebecca Schwinger $50.00 10/18/2012 Run Carly Run!!!
June Blackmon $100.00* 10/14/2012
Anonymous Donor $75.00 10/9/2012 You can do it!!
angela dill $100.00 10/1/2012 Way to go Carly!
Carolyn Markesich $100.00 10/1/2012 Get Ready!!!
Dennis McLaughlin $100.00 10/1/2012 You go girl!
Judy Walls $25.00 9/30/2012 Keep up the good work Carly! Loping Lady Judy
* offline donation