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Generation One

Mission: To champion systemic change in the education system, specifically early childhood education

Vision: To empower children to reach their fullest potential. 

Located in Houston's Third Ward, Generation One is developing a scalable model for early childhood education that addresses the effects of adverse childhood experiences. Lack of accessible, high-quality early education is feeding the cycle of systemic poverty and tragically limiting millions of at-risk youth from developing the resiliency and coping skills necessary to succeed as adults. 


Typhoon Texas Kids Tri
May 22, 2016
 Katy, TX

Kendall has caught the triathlon bug so what better way to celebrate her FIRST race than to raise money for our favorite cause?  And the best part is that she'll be joining her big brother, Jacob in the race to the finish line!  Kendall and Jacob have chosen Generation One, which is a Christian, early childhood intervention program in Houston’s Third Ward. Our family has seen first hand the impact that this organization has on the community.  

Every month, our family is blessed to pack (then mom delivers) 67 lunches to the children at Generation One Academy.  During the summer months, the kids will get to help with the delivery of the lunches, as well as spend time playing with and loving on the kids at the academy.  The academy relies on support through financial assistance and material resources from individuals, churches, corporations and other organizations.

Please consider a donation to support Kendall & Jacob as they race to "physically and spiritually transform the Third Ward community by creating an environment of opportunity that empowers individuals and families to break out of the cycle of generational poverty."



Donations2Date: $1,000

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Robert Bolling $235.00 5/24/2016 Better late than never, right?
Meagan Davis $100.00 5/22/2016
David Farmer $100.00 5/21/2016 So proud of Kendal and Jacob! Go win Gold Holms!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 5/21/2016
Cara Apple $50.00 5/19/2016
Leila Kennedy $25.00 5/19/2016
Judy Mincey $50.00 5/17/2016 Go Kendall and Jacob
Lee Wilson $25.00 5/12/2016
Vanessa Dickey $100.00 5/11/2016
Brandi Homs $35.00 5/9/2016 LEMONADE STAND proceeds by Jacob and Kendall Homs and friends
Natalia Cordoneanu $30.00 4/30/2016
derrick mincey $50.00 4/28/2016 Much love from the Mincey8!
Mandy Sienkiewicz $50.00 4/27/2016 So excited for all of the awesome things you guys are doing! Wish we could be there to cheer y'all on!
Don Mincey $100.00 4/26/2016 Way to go Kendall !! Show the guys how to do it. All that energy will take you far in this. Grandpa, Grammy, and Brittany are proud of you and Jacob !!
Steve Hong $25.00 4/26/2016
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