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We foster and assist athletic participation by members of the blind and vision impaired community by encouraging physical fitness, sense of community, and social interaction through raised awareness in the general population of the true capabilities and potential of the blind and vision impaired.

Chevron Houston Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K
 Houston, TX
January 17 - 18, 2020

Please consider joining me in supporting this worthy charity, there is no minimum amount every donation is appreciated and welcomed, you can even be anonymous if you wish!

Just over 8 years ago I decided to become a "runner" and started with a goal of "jog, walk or crawl" until I could get into shape.  About a year later I ran a marathon and since then I am a two time Ironman Finisher.  Somewhere along the way I met David Adame. 

David is the Executive Director of Eyecan Alliance, a 501c3 charitable organization, and about two months ago he called and asked me if I would consider guiding a blind athlete and help him train and run a half marathon.  It sounded interesting and of course I said "sure". He introduced me to Mike Fields, a married, 37 year old father of two who has been blind since he was about 12 years old. 

Mike and I began a journey that night "tethered" together with one mile of jogging and walking and thankfully no crawling even though I told him that might happen.  We worked our way up to 11 miles.  Not bad at all for a guy who once told me, "Bill, I never thought I would be able to run again." 

Little did he know that 11 mile run would be our last together before he runs in the 2020 Aramco Half Marathon.  He knew I was hurting that morning due to an injury to my left knee and 12/13 I had to have it surgically "fixed" and will be out of commission for a while. 

Thankfully EyeCan has other guides, including my friend Patricia Martin, who had been running with us and will be able to guide Mike in the Aramco Half Marathon.  He will run 13.1 miles, he will hear the cheering crowds and when he crosses that finish line his wife and two boys will see that he has accomplished his goal and is a Half Marathon Finisher!

Mike already knows that there are good people willing to share their time, energy and even their money to help him and others like him to realize goals and make what some may consider impossible, possible.  He is already inspiring others to get up and get moving too.

EyeCan Alliance provides visually impaired Athletes with the guide tether, helps them get running shoes, clothes, nutrition products and of course provides transportation to training runs and races.  EyeCan Alliance makes a difference not only to the visually impaired but also to their families and even those of us they ask to serve as guides.

Please consider making a charitable donation to help the good work continue and grow.

I am looking forward to getting back to running with Mike, after all, there's a Marathon in 2021 that I bet he doesn't think he could ever do...


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