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Legacy Community Health

This will benefit the Preserving our Legacy Fund, directly supporting Legacy's LGBT treatment, programs and outreach.

Mission: Driving healthy change in our communities.

Vision: Connecting our communities to health every day, in every way.

Values: Health Care As a Right, Not A Privilege. We believe that comprehensive health care is a human right. Legacy’s services and programs are open to all who need us, regardless of the ability to pay, without judgment or exception.

The Gay 10K
April 6, 2019
 Houston, TX

Why do I love Legacy?  

Because Legacy treats healthcare as a human right.  Period.

Why do I love running?

Because it makes me feel alive.

I started working for Legacy Community Health in November.  I LOVE this healthcare organization and what they do.  Please consider donating to my run.  

You can read a little about our history and who we are at the link below.



Donations2Date: $250

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
The Gay 10K $125.00* 5/1/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in The Gay 10K Charity Challenge.
Brenda Poynter $100.00 2/19/2019 Have a good run! Love you mom??
Austin Hibbler $25.00 2/19/2019
* offline donation