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Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas

The Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas strives to support the medical, educational, social and economic needs of Texans with Tourette’s Syndrome and to improve their quality of life.  All Programs and services are provided without cost to the recipients, nor do we charge dues of any sort. 

The Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization | Tax ID 74-2198640 | P.O. Box 147  Richmond, TX  77406

Run Houston! Sugar Land 10K, 5K, 1K
 Run Houston! Sugar Land 10K, 5K, 1K
December 7, 2019

I have two amazing boys, both of whom have Tourettes. I started out running because I enjoyed having an outlet that allowed me to quiet my mind and to be healthy at the same time. Over time, my journey has evolved. My health journey is also there to provide an example to my children.


Now, where I stand, I realize that even in the simplest of actions we can bring change. I want my efforts to go towards the Texas Tourette's Association. They have been a great source of information over the years, and they actively help individuals with Tourette who are in need in the community. So, I hope you will join me--perhaps in a race someday--but more importantly in supporting the community and something you believe in. 


I greatly believe in the Texas Tourette Association and hope you will make a donation to support them. #myheartmyracemypace

Donations2Date: $1,200

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Run Houston Race Series $200.00* 12/18/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Run Houston! For A Cause program.
Paul Lewis $55.00 12/7/2019
Anonymous Donor $50.00 12/4/2019
Kayla De la pena $50.00* 11/30/2019
Anonymous Donor $55.00 11/24/2019
Michael Conway $25.00 11/17/2019 Have a great run, Barbara!
Anonymous Donor $210.00 11/14/2019
Reynaldo de la Pena $50.00* 11/12/2019
Cari De la pena $90.00* 11/12/2019 Facebook donation
Xaris and Ixy Princesas Magicas $50.00* 11/5/2019
William Robert Payne $100.00 11/3/2019 Hope to find a cure
Nicola Ferla $30.00 11/2/2019
Hannah Clausen $25.00 11/1/2019
Jeff Nadalo $10.00 11/1/2019
Anonymous Donor $200.00* 11/1/2019
* offline donation