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Cherish Our Children Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Team COCI. Team COCI is an easy way for you to get involved and make a difference for the children we serve. Pick one of our events below and click the JOIN TEAM button to set up a fundraising campaign to spread awareness and raise funds for our programs. Walkers are welcome.

It’s not just about you raising funds we want you to let the kids support you to your finish line. When you create your campaign story include a personal goal with your community along with why you are making a difference with COCI. You might be out to win your age group, set a PR, or it might be just crossing the finish line. When you share your goals your community holds you accountable.

It’s fun! If your event is not listed below let us know and we will add it.

You don’t have to run, bike, or tri. Just let us know what you want to do and we will provide you with a page. Be as creative as you can be. Bowling, Lemonade Stand, Golfing, Wedding Registry, are just a few ideas.

Thanks for supporting COCI in making a difference.         

Run Houston! Sam Houston Race Park 10K, 5K, 1K
January 1, 2020
 Houston, TX

Calling All Awesome Friends and Family!!  I am out to raise $10,000!!

Happy New Year!!!

Being Grateful for my blessings, and end of the year tax donation benefits, I ask for your support!

A Very Generous Opportunity/Challenge is being offered by an anonymous donor - to match dollar for dollar, up to $5000, all that we raise on my  / VIRTUAL Run Houston! Sam Houston Race Park fundraising page!!!


Click the blue MAKE A DONATION button to your left or the red SPONSOR ME botton at the bottom and please give generously.  


Why another athletic event, you may wonder?

  • Because I CAN, as part of my Personal Committmernt to Keep Moving / Be Healthy 2020 !!!
  • Because I am so Blessed and Grateful for All that I have, that I ask that you Honor me and our relationship by your donation.
  • Because  - Having Merged with NMV, we are now focused on expanding our COCI/NMV program – will have a huge impact on our children of incarcerated parents!!  Update - In Sept., 2019 we added our 1st additional fulltime staff person!  Joe Rollins is training with Marilyn Gambrell both in the classrooms and beyond!!
  • I'm doing back flips for COCI. Check out my video --->
  • Most specifically:

For kids like Laura - to whom your money will benefit.  When Laura walked the stage to receive her diploma from Texas A&M, you would have no idea what she went through to get there. Molested from the age of seven and with a father in prison, she was on her way to becoming just another statistic, a child who fell through the cracks.

In high school, Laura joined No More Victims, Cherish Our Children International’s signature U.S. program, which addresses the physical, emotional, academic and social needs of the children of incarcerated parents. Through our skill-building and the peer support of her fellow students, Laura emerged as a smart, outgoing high school student.

Then at 17, her life was turned upside down. Her home life had always been unstable and chaotic, but now she was kicked out and found herself homeless. She dropped out of school.

However, her COCI / N MV family pushed her to go back and re-enroll. She returned for her senior year and graduated as her class valedictorian!  She earned a scholarship to Texas A&M, being the 1st in her family to attend college!

Her life took another downward turn and she was unable to return, after her freshman year. Once again, she was in danger of becoming just a number. Only 15 percent of children of incarcerated parents even graduate from college.

Laura bounced back yet again. She went to a local Houston community college and earned her associate degree.   Then she went back to A&M and earned her bachelor's degree in May.  Now she is engaged and she is considering applying to med school!

Laura has experienced firsthand the harsh, life-threatening challenges that threaten so many of the five million children of incarcerated parents in America. What is so remarkable about her is that, every time, she rights herself, adjusts her sails and keeps going.  We can’t shield students from the bad things that life throws at them.  We can and do give them the skills to keep coming back and to live productive, valuable lives!

As Always, I do this in loving honor and memory of my 3 Strongest Cheering Team members, my Extraordinary Husband, Jerome, and my Incredible parents, Rosalie and Bud!!  Please BE the Superheroes that you are and Partner with us to Create Sustainable Solutions for the World’s Most Vulnerable Children!

With Love and Appreciation,



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Anonymous Donor $200.00 1/15/2020
Anonymous Donor $265.00* 1/3/2020
Anonymous Donor $215.00 12/31/2019
Naomi Schneble $50.00 12/31/2019 Love you and those kids! <3
Anonymous Donor $875.00* 12/31/2019 Thank you to all who supported Arlene's Team COCI fundraiser.
Anonymous Donor $200.00 12/30/2019
Donna Fisher $75.00 12/30/2019 Arlene, You are a true inspiration! Blessings to you!
Opeyemi Ibiyemi $50.00 12/30/2019
Juli Hall $100.00* 12/30/2019 Go Arlene Go! Thank you for all you do for our children!
Deborah Gehring $100.00 12/3/2019
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/3/2019 Arlene....Keep up the GREAT PAYS OFF in so many ways.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/2/2019 Arlene, I know you are sincere about NMV. Happy to support you, Marilyn and the children of NMV.
Anonymous Donor $75.00 12/2/2019
Ann Marie, Jon & Jake West $75.00 12/2/2019 Arlene... you are an inspiration and we are happy to support COCI and the children of NMV in honor of you and all you do to make a difference in the world.
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