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Cherish Our Children International

Cherish Our Children believes that all children should be loved, protected and nurtured. We believe in providing children with a solid foundation for healthy physical, intellectual and emotional development. We have witnessed a transformed future in thousands of children’s lives and wish to propel the movement forward. Will you join us?

Run Houston! Clear Lake 10K, 5K, 1K
June 4, 2017
 Clear Lake, TX

Calling All Awesome Friends and Family!!  I am out to raise $10,000 and ask for your support!

A Very Generous Opportunity/Challenge is being offered by an anonymous donor - to match dollar for dollar, up to $5000, all that we raise on my 70th Birthday / VIRTUAL Run Houston Clear Lake fundraising page!!!

Why another athletic event, you may wonder?

  • Because I CAN, as part of my 70th Birthday Celebration!!!
  • Because I am so Blessed and Grateful for All that I have, that I ask that you Honor me and our relationship by your donation.
  • Because Funding the New Generation Campaign - Having Merged with NMV, we are now focused on raising $400,000, from now until Dec., 2017 to stabilize and expand COCI/NMV program – will have a huge impact on our most vulnerable children!!
  • More specifically:

For kids like Shay - to whom your money will go.  Shay is a young woman who is part of Cherish Our Children International’s (COCI) U.S. program, in Houston TX. Please read it.  It will move you and I hope inspire you to contribute generously to what COCI is doing in the world for kids like this!!  

Shay was 16 years old when I met her in the COCI/NMV program at M.B. Smiley H.S.  She was a very angry child, angry at the world.  Her father had been in prison 95% of her life, as well as other family members. She always wondered - does he realize or care if it was her birthday, or did he even think about her at all.  For as long as she could remember, she experienced mental, verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

She told me that joining the COCI/NMV family was the best decision she could have made. Without it, she says, that she would be dead.  She stopped burning and cutting herself.  She graduated High School and began Houston Community College. Unfortunately due to serious health issues, including cancer and a blood disorder, she had to take a break.

Shay is 26 years old today and continuing to move past the odds that society said would kill her 10 years ago and proving to the world, and most importantly to herself daily, that her family’s mistakes DO NOT determine her future!

As Always, I do this in loving honor and memory of my 3 Strongest Cheering Team members, my Extraordinary Husband, Jerome, and my Incredible parents, Rosalie and Bud!!  Please BE the Superheroes that you are and Partner with us to Create Sustainable Solutions for the World’s Most Vulnerable Children!

With Love and Appreciation,


Donations2Date: $8,020

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bridgeway Run Houston $800.00* 6/12/2017 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Bridgeway Run Houston! For A Cause.
Anonymous Donor $3,610.00* 6/2/2017 Match donations of $3610
Jacqueline Grant $25.00 6/1/2017 In honor of Arlene's birhtday.
susan Brochstein $40.00* 6/1/2017 Happy Birthday!
Deborah Robbins $36.00 5/31/2017 Happy Bday!
Kat and Walker Hale $150.00* 5/30/2017 Happy Birthday!
Janet & Elton Lipnick $100.00* 5/30/2017 Happy Birthday!
Maxine and Bubba Silberstein $100.00* 5/30/2017 Happy Birthday
Kim and Rob Wisner $100.00* 5/30/2017 Happy Birthday! You Go, Girl!
Lynn Ellison $100.00* 5/30/2017 Awesome COCI/NMV Graduation Luncheon! Happy Birthday
Lorie Lewis $50.00 5/21/2017 In honor of Arlene Levy's big birthday!!
Ileana Trevino $250.00 5/16/2017
Judith Ernst $250.00 5/14/2017 Happy Birthday times 70........wishes for many, many, many more.
Darrell Rosenthal $75.00 5/13/2017
Jill Kaminsky $70.00 5/13/2017 Happy Birthday Arlene!
Naomi Schneble $50.00 5/13/2017 To a lovely lady, and for some lovely children. It was so good to see you last week. Wishing you many more birthdays to celebrate and lives to touch. Love, Naomi
Allison Levine $50.00 5/13/2017 Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for including us in your celebration! Allison& Mark
Allison Rudin $35.00 5/12/2017 HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! What a wonderful cause you have been apart of for so long. Way to go! Hope this birthday is special! We wish you many more happy and healthy birthdays! Love, The Rudins
James M Emerson $50.00 5/11/2017 Happy Birthday're the gift that keeps on giving. Very happy to contribute to "your cause" and looking forward celebrating with you. Best Wishes! Mike & Rose
Anonymous Donor $100.00 5/10/2017
Yemi Ibiyemi $20.00 5/10/2017 Happy Birthday, Arlene! Thank you for who you are.
Susan Pye $200.00 5/9/2017 Happy Birthday to a wonderful, loving friend. We are so proud of all of your accomplishments. Love, Susan & Walter
Donna Fisher $50.00 5/9/2017 You are beautiful, awesome and inspiring! Love you!
Juli Hall $150.00 5/9/2017 You are the wind beneath all of our sails! Thank you for causing COCI all these years! Here's to the next 25!!! Lots of love, Juli and Price
Jennifer, Shawn, Ann Marie, Jon & Jake West $155.00 5/9/2017 Arlene, wishing you a very wonderful and Happy Birthday. We are so blessed to know you, and so proud to be your friend. Thank you for all you do to support children and all those in need. You are amazing! Good Luck in your run! You look amazing in pink!
Katherine Gutierrez $30.00 5/9/2017 Happy contribute with this great cause and Happy Birthday Arlene.
Lynne Aronoff $250.00 5/8/2017 What a wonderful way to Celebrate your Birthday!!! You have such a kind and giving heart. It is quite admirable the time, effort and love that you give and devote to helping others. I truly appreciate your friendship! With warm and best wishes always! Happy Birthday!!
Barbara Goldfield $100.00 5/6/2017 Congratulations, Arlene. What a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday.
Jennie Kamin $56.70 5/4/2017 A very very happy birthday to you, Arlene. We are all so lucky to know you. xoxo
kenneth Levy $100.00 5/2/2017 You look like a 20 yr old Happy Birthday and good luck on the run Love Sherry & Kenny
Mark Kamin $200.00 5/1/2017
Rhonda Ross $25.00 5/1/2017
Nancy Aron $200.00 4/30/2017 The Happiest of Birthdays Today and Always! Love, Sue Sue and Don
Toby Schwartz $37.16 4/30/2017
Steven Estrin $150.00 4/30/2017 Congratulations Arlene! Good luck on the run and happy birthday. Love, Denise and Steve
Jenny Tran $55.00 4/29/2017
Beth Weitz $200.00 4/13/2017 Happy Birthday Arlene, How did I get so lucky to have a friend like 'you'! I'm not the only one to be proud of you, with so many 'marks', you have made in your lifetime.! You are the most amazing daughter, wife, mom and friend.Thank you, from me and all who love you so much (as I do). Hope your wishes and dreams come true and 50 more healthy and happy years to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND!! I love you, Beth
* offline donation