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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in Katy ISD.

Katy Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Katy, TX
February 2, 2019

I love my school and I love my job! That’s why I’m so excited to run for this great cause to help our awesome teachers out.

I only ever run when there’s food involved or if I see a big bug, so I believe my experience should come in handy for this occasion. 

Donations2Date: $40

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Marlene Alban $10.00 1/31/2019 Go Andree! Get to the finish line!
Maria Bolanos $15.00 1/31/2019 Yes Andree!!!!! Run Andree Run!!!!!! - Chris, Fernanda, Ella, Ezra, Belle (she’s judging you) and Bagheera.
Mom & Abuelos Mijangos $9.00 1/28/2019 Go Andree ??????? Go Andree ??????? Go Andree!!!!!!! ?????????????? ??
Estee Alban $1.00 1/18/2019 This is redemption since my emojis didn’t go through the time first time *insert laughing emoji here*. Rooting for you from the sidelines Mr. Andree!!
Estee Alban $5.00 1/18/2019 Your short story/blurb is all very true??. Proud of you Andree. If I had more money in my bank account or if it grew on trees I would’ve given more, but hey this is a start! Run your heart out. Do it for the kids.??
* offline donation