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Generation One

Mission:  To physically and spiritually rebuild the Third Ward by coordinating volunteer skills, talents, and resources.

Vision: A thriving community without poverty and suffering.


The Cross Creek Ranch Dusk to Dawn Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Cross Creek Ranch
March 5, 2016

Dear Friends and family,

As many of you know, I have become very passionate about running over the past few years.  It has been a wonderful way to stay in shape and have community outside of the house and to have me time.  Running feeds my soul, and I love it.  I also love my running community.  Many of you are also aware and have been connected to Generation One (  

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to hear about it, Generation One is a non profit school in the 3rd ward that seeks to love and education at risk kiddos. Generation One seeks to educate kids through our early childhood program and offers a year round enrichment program for elementary and middle school students.  They also lead volunteers to complete work projects in the Third Ward community. Their vision is to break the cycle of generational poverty, one child, one family at a time.  I am excited to share that they have seen growing success as more and more families trust us and partner with them in advocating for their neighborhood and their kids futures.  (

Over the last 5 years, I have had many opportunities to serve this wonderful nonprofit from helping put on holiday parties, to participating in teams to make and deliver lunches and snacks.  This incredible organization’s mission statement is “committed to making sure that the next generation knows what their potential is and believes that they can achieve it!”  I want to be a part of helping the next generation reach their potential by running for a reason.  Would you be willing to partner with me? 

I ask that you click the SPONSOR ME button on this page and contribute to providing the kids at Generation One a brighter future. Contribute what you wish. Any amount will make a difference: $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or other.

Please forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate or join our team.

I appreciate your donation, prayers, and support!  Let's change lives together. 


Donations2Date: $940

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
itri Events $400.00* 3/9/2016 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the i Tri Events Charity Challenge.
George W Comer $100.00 3/7/2016
Mitzy Kobeissi $25.00 3/3/2016
Kathryn L Comer $415.00 3/2/2016 I LOVE GEN ONE
* offline donation