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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in Katy ISD.

Katy Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Katy, TX
February 2, 2019

I have had been blessed with opportunity to use running as a vehicle to mentor students and it has been amazing. I get to see their commitment and growth throughout the season.  I want to continue to provide opportunities for Katy ISD students that let them accomplish goals that they did not believe were possible.

Donations2Date: $433

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Jenny Williamson $150.00 1/29/2019
Ron Moore $105.00 1/18/2019 Have fun.
Cheyenne Stull $10.00 1/15/2019
Diane Gorman $50.00 1/13/2019
Anonymous Donor $20.00 1/11/2019
Reylene Cotter $5.00 1/11/2019 Go Team Mav!!
Divya Kaushal $10.00 1/10/2019
Jennifer Alexander $5.00 1/10/2019 Best of luck!
Anonymous Donor $11.00 1/10/2019 Go #TeamMav!
Tova White $10.00 12/14/2018
Christi Hurley $13.10 12/13/2018 Go team MAV!
Angela Angel $10.00 12/10/2018
Julie Hinson $11.00 12/5/2018 Go #teammav !!!
Donnie Radley $10.50 12/5/2018
ABAS MUSA $12.10 12/4/2018
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