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Hope Rising

Serving children who have suffered sexual trauma and/or exploitation and specialize in helping survivors of human sex trafficking.

Adopt a Horse Program
 Brenham, Texas
December 31, 2019

If you look at my left side, you might notice I have a rather large scar. About 10 years ago a horrible storm blew through town, and it actually was so windy, that it picked up a building! This building eventually had to come down, and as fate would have it, it came down on me. The wound was so deep and greusome my owner did not believe I would survive! Seriously, if you think my scar is huge, imagine the size of the wound it came from. It was terrifying. Yet, somehow I did survive! While I was originally born to be a ranch horse, that lifestyle is no longer suitable for me. Instead, I have found a much higher calling - connecting to the girls here through my scars. While my scars are visible, a lot of the girls here have internal scars. When they see my scar, they melt; which causes me to melt. It feels so good to be loved by them! It's almost like my scar allows me to have a deeper connection with the girls, they know I have suffered trauma too! And that I am here to show them that they can heal from trauma, just as I have; and just as they think my scars are beautiful, their scars make them beautiful to me too. 

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