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About Shawn's Anomaly benefiting Texas Children's Hospital  


Shawn's Anomaly was originally started by the inspiration that Matthew & Rachel Murphy got from watching their infant son go through three surgeries in his first year of life to repair a birth abnormality that affects 1 in 35 million children. Matthew & Rachel did not want to see another family go through what they went through, so they decided to start Shawn's Anomaly to provide education, hope, and help to the 1 in 30 families who are born with birth abnormalities.  


The Organization's Goals:


  • Fund congenital anomaly research projects.
  • Aid families in gathering all information regarding research and treatment of their child's congenital anomalies.
  • Provide licensed counseling options for families affected by congenital anomalies.
  • Provide a centralized location where families can find information and connect with other families going through similar experiences.
  • Provide supplemental assistance to families while children are undergoing surgical procedures .   

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Texas Children's Hospital | Attn: Shawn's Anomaly Fundraiser

1919 S. Braeswood, Suite 5214 Houston, TX 77030 

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Me having fun during a tri

        Hi! My name is Andrew Wyers but I go by Jackson, which is my middle name, and I am a student at Texas A&M at Galveston. To date I have competed in a couple triathlons including sprints, Olympic distances and a Half Iron Man. However, I wanted to do more than just compete. I figured that all my hard work and dedication to training should not just be for my benefit but for someone or something elses benefit as well. That's when I heard about Shawn's Anomaly, after reading about their goal and purpose I immediately knew that this organization was the team I wanted to compete with in order to promote and raise money for. The reason for this is because I had a younger sister who was born with an undiagnosed disease. Even though her condition was never diagnosed and we are still unsure what exactly was wrong with her I feel that a strong possibility could be that she had a congenital anomaly. Since part of Shawn's Anomaly's purpose is to fund congenital anomaly research. It may be possible that one day the research could find a diagnosis for the condition my sister had and possibly find a cure, which would save a family from the pain and grief that my family went through when we lost my sister. Below is a paper I wrote about my sister while in high school so that everyone donating can get to know my story a little bit better


“God sent her to touch many lives and touch many hearts with her compelling smile and tender virtues” states the quote I read as I stood in front of my greatest life teacher’s tombstone, my sister. 

It all started in the year 1996, I just turned four years old and do not remember much. However, I do remember how upset I felt when I found out my new sibling would be a girl.  At that point I was the youngest of three boys, and my brothers and I had what I thought, a great life.  We enjoyed playing outside and riding bikes, and in my mind I thought a girl in the family would ruin all of our joy.  Nevertheless, nothing I could do could change things, and soon my mom gave birth to my new little sister.  During the pregnancy the doctors never saw anything that would indicate her coming out “different”, but soon after her birth her health took a turn for the worse.  The doctors hastily rushed her to the neo-natal intensive care unit where she could acquire treatment. After about two weeks the doctors released her with a very concerning statement.  They told my family that my sister had an unknown diagnosis and would not live for any longer than six months.  My mother and father were crushed by the news. Even though my sister had just turned two weeks old they already loved her as much as they loved my brothers and me.  Even with the disheartening report my parents refused to give up on her.  They rejected to believe that she could get taken away so soon, so they gave her all the love and attention they could. This included frequent trips to the doctor, feeding her through a tube four times a day, and never ignoring her when she would cry in the night.  Eventually she lived passed the six month deadline, and my parents knew they had made it over the first hurdle.  At that six month point I turned five, and that starts the point when I really start remembering the loving person that my sister developed into. 

A few years had gone by, and her growth never occurred. Also, she appeared very skinny.  Still, she constantly wore a smile that could brighten even the worse days.  As she got older her condition grew more evident. The doctors still had not found a diagnosis for her and at five years old she still grew no larger than a newborn baby.  Her lack of growth had also affected her intelligence, she clearly could not reach the intellect level of the average five year old and she could never talk.  This developed into very difficult situation for my family, because we never knew exactly what she needed when she grew upset.  However, one day while I took care of her; she held up her hands and formed a weird sign that I did not understand, and she started to throw a fit.  I held up her doll to see if that would stop her pouting, but she shook her head and pointed downstairs.  Knowing that mom worked downstairs I went down to fetch her, and soon mom came upstairs.  My sister face immediately lit up and she gave the weird hand sign she had given earlier. Mom noticed this and told me that she had seen her give that sign several times over the past few days, and wondered if my sister started to try to make up her own sign language. We soon found out moms suspicions were correct, and within a month we had our own special way of communicating with my sister. After that experience, we realized that even though my sister had a severe mental handicap, she would try her hardest to keep it from controlling her. She soon discovered how things in everyday life worked, she would quiet down while we prayed, cry when we cried, laugh when we laughed, and even tried to pick out her own clothes. 

When she turned six and she still had not grown any bigger than a baby. She also looked like one too, but we could clearly tell she did not want to be treated like one. She started to refuse taking her naps and preferred to be carried rather than pushed in a stroller.  Even though she clearly tried to act mature and undoubtedly understood her condition she never let it upset her. Everywhere we went she always smiled; people constantly would walk up to my family and tell us how happy she looked.  She always could tell when someone in my family grew upset and would try and comfort us, even sometimes offering her beloved doll, which she never let leave her sight, to my brothers and me to cheer us up.  However, all the love she gave us and all the love we gave her in return could not keep her alive, and two months before her seventh birthday she died.

          Now whenever I think of my sister, I remember her tender and caring nature in the midst of a huge disability. As I go throughout my life I am constantly trying to live more like her and give everybody the attention they need and befriend anyone who needs a friend. Furthermore, I try not to fret over all the little petty things in life and live life to the fullest the way my wonderful little sister did.




         I hope my story has inspired you to donate. Any amount will help and every part of it will go toward great cause!  I have recently decided to raise my goal up to $2000 because so many generouse people have wanted to donate! I don't want anyone to feel like thier contribution is unimportant beacause I've already reached my goal, beacuse it is and will still all go to funding research. I can't express how much it means to me every time someone decides to help me reach my goal! Thank you to everyone who has made a contribitution! Furthermore, if you wish to remain anonymous while donating feel free to check the "Anonymous" check box while typing in your information,  and your donations are tax deductable




Thanks for reading!

Jackson Wyers  

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Jennifer Kilgore$20.00  04/20/2013Such a blessing to have meet you. You are a true inspiration. Good Luck on your race and can't wait to train together again.
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Kevin Lindsey$50.00  03/11/2013What an awesome thing to get to participate in! So proud of you! Can't think of a more fitting honor for you with your compassionate heart and adventurous spirit! - Fro and Pam
Natalia Traverzo$20.00  03/09/2013You truly are an inspiration Jackson and I am so proud to call you my friend. Best of luck with this inspiring goal!
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Jay & Nila Willhoite$25.00  03/01/2013Your dear grandmother, Mary Ellen, was my best friend and she would be so proud of you for expressing your love for Laura so beautifully.
Leigh Moorman$30.00  03/01/2013So glad your Aunt Suzanne shared your information with me. What a great cause. Best luck and fun on race day.
Patrick & Joyce Wyers$300.00  02/23/2013Wonderful cause, grandson Jackson. Best wishes for success!
Suzanne York$100.00  02/23/2013We are so very proud of you and wish you the best what a great cause!! May you be blessed and bless many more in the process.
Emily Rugh$25.00  02/18/2013Awesome story Jackson. Kick some tush in the triathlon!
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