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Ex-Muslims of North America

We envision a world where every person is free to follow their conscience. Ex-Muslims of North America advocates for acceptance of religious dissent, promotes secular values, and aims to reduce discrimination faced by those who leave Islam.

2018 Season II: Tejas Trails Giving Challenge
June 23 - December 1, 2018

My name is Kilian Korth and I'm running the Cactus Rose 100 for Ex-Muslims of North America.  I share EXMNA's vision of a world in which every individual is free to follow his or her conscience.  I believe it is important for ex-Muslims to have a support network in a secular society and EXMNA provides a place for those individuals to seek solace.  In today's climate, it can be particularly strenuous to be advocating for acceptance of religious dissent and promoting secular values, both of which are important to healthy societies.  EXMNA stands for free speech and free thought at a time when few are willing to do so and I am proud to stand with them.

Donations2Date: $3,095

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Tejas Trails $500.00* 6/19/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Tejas Trails Giving Challenge.
Anonymous Donor $25.00 11/16/2018
Jon Jackson $12.00 10/30/2018
Austin Healy $25.00 10/27/2018
Laurence Crouch $30.00 10/26/2018 A great cause - respect to you for doing this and good luck in the run this weekend :)
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/26/2018
Anonymous Donor $25.00 10/23/2018
Kurt Meyer $50.00 10/23/2018 Because I think you're so terrific, Kilian!
Anonymous Donor $18.00 10/16/2018
Anonymous Donor $22.00 10/5/2018 A great cause! Wishing all good things for ex-Muslims!
RENAT MUSIN $10.00 10/3/2018 Good luck!
Anonymous Donor $45.00 10/1/2018 In solidarity
Anonymous Donor $20.00 9/30/2018
John Coelho $31.50 9/29/2018 Fantastic!
Ian Letson $55.00 9/28/2018
Anonymous Donor $50.00 9/28/2018
Johanna Wretman $5.00 9/28/2018
Anonymous Donor $25.00 9/28/2018
Anonymous Donor $10.00 9/28/2018
Anonymous Donor $110.00 9/27/2018
Anonymous Donor $55.00 9/27/2018
imran akbari $55.00 9/27/2018 good luck and thanks for your support!
Mahad Olad $20.00 9/27/2018 Good luck Kilian!
Louise Korth $100.00 9/25/2018 Persevere Kilian!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 9/24/2018 Thank you!
Anonymous Donor $10.00 9/24/2018
Anonymous Donor $50.00 9/23/2018
Anonymous Donor $20.00 9/23/2018
Launie Parry $75.00 9/21/2018 Go Kilian!
Arthur jackson $30.00 9/20/2018 Wonderful what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous Donor $26.40 9/19/2018 Thank you for doing this, Kilian!! As an ex-Muslim, I deeply appreciate this cause. We all should be free to follow our conscience.
Anonymous Donor $200.00 9/19/2018 From one ultramarathoner to another: light feet as you run for this great cause!
Anonymous Donor $10.50 9/18/2018
Anonymous Donor $22.00 9/17/2018 Thank you for doing this! It sucks having to shut up about my views as an ex-Muslim.
SARAH LEVIN $55.00 9/17/2018
Anonymous Donor $27.50 9/17/2018 You are the conscience of humanity!
Elam Zook $25.00 9/17/2018
Melinda Ward $30.00 9/17/2018 Solidarity from Melinda and Walid!
Salam Hindawi $20.00 9/16/2018 Thank you for your run for ex-Muslims! Keep the hard work going!
Zohal Khan $5.00 9/16/2018 Thank you for shedding light on one of the most egregious ongoing human rights atrocities in the world, which is the discrimination and ill-treatment of Ex-Muslims around the world.
Michael Dobbins $52.50 9/16/2018
Nasra Khawaja $100.00 9/16/2018
Michael Robinson $11.00 9/16/2018
Nayyar Rizvi $5.50 9/16/2018
Anonymous Donor $20.00 9/16/2018
Stephen Tusken $5.00 9/16/2018 Watch out for nipple chafing.
Anonymous Donor $25.00 9/16/2018 GO KILLIAN!!!
Anonymous Donor $10.00 9/16/2018
Paul Johnson $55.00 9/16/2018
Brandon Wright $20.00 9/16/2018
Mira P Peck $30.00 9/16/2018
Atif Iqbal $120.00 9/16/2018
Anonymous Donor $50.00 9/16/2018 Ex-muslim here voicing support for EXMNA. Thanks Kilian. Enjoy the run.
Ammaarah Khatri $3.30 9/16/2018 Go Kilian Go!!!
Anonymous Donor $22.00 9/15/2018 Thank you to both Ex-Muslims of North America and Kilian Korth for all you do.
Laurel & George Samaan $110.00 9/15/2018
Louella Harley $40.00 9/15/2018 I'm here from Australia because of Sarah's tweet. Best wishes. Great cause.
Michael Hopfenspirger $22.00 9/14/2018
Anonymous Donor $20.00 9/14/2018
BASHARAT IQBAL $100.00 9/14/2018 I am a freethinking Muslim. I am not a member of this organization, ex-Muslims of America, but I do recognize the good work they are doing especially countering the bigoted, extremist version of Islam.
Anonymous Donor $25.00 9/14/2018
mohammad osman afridi $100.00 9/14/2018 Good luck and thanks for your support of the ex muslim community!
Anonymous Donor $22.00 9/14/2018
Anonymous Donor $15.00 9/14/2018
Anonymous Donor $52.50 9/14/2018 Ex-Muslim here from Denver! Thank you for your efforts to bring awareness to the issues faced by ex-muslims and to the EXMNA. Good luck with the race!
Anonymous Donor $22.00 8/18/2018
Robert Michael Charles Wheeler $22.00 8/17/2018
Anonymous Donor $10.00 8/5/2018
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